Which Engagement Ring Will Prince Harry Give To His Future Wife?


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Robin Burden answered
It'll be up to Prince Harry to choose which engagement ring to offer to his future wife, because the engagement ring he inherited from his mother is no longer in his possession.

What ring will Prince Harry propose with? Being the sweet little prince that he is, Harry selflessly donated the sapphire engagement ring that his mother (Princess Diana) left him on her death.

Harry decided to pass the ring on to his brother William, to enable William to offer it to his fiancee, Kate Middleton.

Following her marriage to Prince William, Kate is now the Duchess of Cambridge (and possible future Queen of England).

As well as being a really kind gesture, the donation of Princess Diana's ring to his brother means that Harry will now have his pick of rings to choose from, whenever he decides to become engaged to marry.

He may opt for one of the many royal family heirloom rings, or he might decide to go for something a bit more current.

Knowing his 'quirky' personality, I think Prince Harry will choose an engagement ring that will dazzle us all (and certainly grab a few headlines too!).
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Of course Prince William has taken their mother's engagement ring, so Harry can't have that.

There are no doubt lots of heirlooms he could give, but I think the younger brother of the heir to the throne has a bit more choice - he can pick his own ring or do what he wants.

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