What's Prince William's favorite food?


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With the recent royal wedding, inquiring minds want to know, just what is Prince William's favorite food? It matters not whether you are planning on sampling a royal dish for yourself, or serving it up to a loved one, the Prince and his new bride have eclectic tastes and there are several foods that you can serve that will have you eating like royalty.

Prince William in his single days was often spotted about London eating at one of the many local eateries enjoying a British classic, oven-fried fish and chips. Another food at the top of Prince William's list is free-form sausage and three-cheese lasagna, and his new bride Princess Kate is also known to love this and other hearty Italian pasta dishes. 

Princess William and Princess Kate are known for being casual diners, and their love of barbecue-glazed salmon and other barbecue dishes would make them right at home in the dining room of most English commoners. Both royals are also know for loving an iconic American dish, a good old greasy cheeseburger.  When it comes time for dessert, Prince William loves a comfort food he has enjoyed since his childhood days, squash-topped cottage pies. A traditional British dessert dish, it is very similar to Shepherd's Pie, except beef is used instead of lamb as an ingredient. 

For the best royal dining experience in your home, start out with a dish of oven fried fish and chips, and you'll have fare fit enough for the future King of England himself. For dessert, you'll delight both the future King and Queen with Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake, a traditional British favorite that you're sure to love. You can also choose a dessert with a royal history. Prince William is known to love banana flan, and he has been served this legacy favorite since he was a child.
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It is said that he likes chocolate, poached eggs, pasta and venison among other things. This isn't confirmed though - the royals tend not to admit what their favourite foods are, in case they get offered them everywhere.

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