What Is The Queen's Favourite Food?


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The queen is quite partial to the traditional British favourite, Sunday roast. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with roast potatoes and vegetables like honeyed carrots and brussel sprouts, all dribbled with a lovely gravy made with the meat juices in the pan.
This is what legions of Brits have fought to keep a standard, and is still served in millions of homes across Britain today. The queen is no exception as she is somewhat of a traditionalist.

The kitchens of Buckingham Palace and the Palaces in Scotland, are stocked with the best British organic beef and meat cuts, and vegetables as Prince Charles has his own organic food farm and company called Duchy. He founded it 12 years ago, and it has gone from strength to strength, as is used by millions of Brits. The range covers everything from biscuits to jams, preserves and herbs. The products carry the royal seal of approval "By appointment to her Majesty" with the crest.

The fresh produce is stocked by both small shops and larger stores.
Buckingham Place and the other palaces used by the royal family, employ chefs and staff who utilise the best British produce exclusively, with the exception of wines, champagne and ports etc, which the British climate does not favor. These are imported from the best vineyards in the world in France, South Africa, Argentina, Portugal, Italy,Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

the Queens favourite wine Estate is the beautiful Vergelegen (far removed), in The Cape Province of South Africa. This magnificent Estate at the foot of the Hottentots Holland mountains, was splendidly set out in 1700 and has enjoyed visits from the queen over the years

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