How might the U.S. Government encourage stronger social support systems for the elderly as a means to provide for the aging population?


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Joe B. answered
I think we need to drastically overhaul the system.
Starting from square one.....
We need to start by rearranging how we perceive our elders.
They are not a burden but rather a resource yet to be tapped.
They alone hold our living history, and perhaps many of the answers we seek which in turn may save us countless dollars in futile expeditions.
I think many resources should be reallocated to their up keeping.
Because if you asked some older folk about invading Iraq, they may have spoken about the 1980s with Iran, and how stagnant that skirmish became.
How it never moved in a linear fashion, but rather upward stacked upon the corpses of idealistic people fighting for nothing.
So I would immediately reallocate national defense dollars to tapping the older people in our country.
And if they come from other countries, I count that as a bonus, extra credit and perhaps even international bonus points.
And I promise in the long run, to keep them alive would be cheaper than to ignorantly stumble into messes on the global stage, for which we are ill prepared.
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Leave the Social Security money ALONE!!  Social Security was and always has been self supporting, collecting mney out of everyones wages every week and at one time had enough money to help those who retired for a very long time. Then the past several Presidents saw this cash cow or money tree and couldnt leave it alone and started usingup the money in the Social Security account for every stupid venture they could come up with that needed money so now by 2031 there will be no more money for the up and coming workers to retire on

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