What Are The Theories Of The Origin Of The Philippines?


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The Land Bridges Theory,
Plate Tectonics theory,
Sunda Shelf theory,
Volcanic theory &
the Continental Drift theory...


Philippines was once a part of Eurasia Plate that time we are still connected with China by the Land Bridges, as time pass by and earthquake and sea level rises these Land Bridges was sunken by the sea. As you can see in the map Batanes group of island looks like connected to Taiwan this where part of Land Bridges before.

Earthquakes and plate tectonic form our land masses, the reason why we got a 7,000+ islands is we are located in the Pacific Ring of Fire which is for thousands of years we always experienced a number of strong and moderate earthquake that causes some undersea landslide and separating land masses. Same also with the case of Japan, Indonesia, Northern Mariana Islands and Aleutian Island in Alaska.

Another short answer is just read the your bible on how God created the world.


There are kinds of theories:
* Scientific
* Biblical
* Mythical...
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Read the Book titled "Philippine History" by Halili. Chapter two "The Natural Setting and Its People", it contains the mythological theory as well as the geological theory on the formation of the Philippine Archipelago.
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1 volcanic theory
2 continental drift
3 ice age theory
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Wrong! Its..

1. Land Bridges Theory
2. Bottom-of-the-ocean Theory
3. Volcanic Eruption Theory
4.Lost Continent Theory
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There are a number of stories of Filipino origin on the way the earth and its peoples were created, including the Philippines themsleves and their people. Most of these stories begin with accounts of conflicts between ancient gods who represent different elements or natural powers - sea, wind, different metals and so on. You can find a link to several interesting stories here.

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