What Are The Four Theories Of The Origin Of State?


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There are four theories of the Origin of State. They are the Natural Theory, the Force Theory, the Divine Theory and the Social Contract Theory. There are in some cases considered an extra two; the Divine Right of Kings Theory and the Patriarchal Theory.
The Natural Theory is mankind's urge towards being part of the community. We all integrate within our day-to-day lives. A phone call, an email, buying something from a shop... That's all Natural Theory. We coexist because we dislike isolation and we gain satisfaction and greater achievement from operating alongside others.
A part of this is the Patriarchal Theory. The father is the head of the family, and family is an automatic community of its own accord. By this theory it would suggest that humanity is programmed to be a community.
This fatherly control could also be classed under Social Contract Theory. This is where the state or community essentially has a contract between the leader and the people, much like in modern democracies. The contract is that they receive power and authority in return for delivering results. In a similar sense, a father is the leader of the family. In modern times the family unit has become more ambiguous, but still it is often treated that way; they are the man of the house; the money-earner. It is on them to deliver and with delivery comes trust, loyalty and respect. Without it comes a lack of faith and, like in a Social Contract scenario, they would perhaps look elsewhere for delivery.
The most traditional theory is the Force Theory. It's the most historically relevant and still applies in some modern day societies. It is the theory of singular command; dictatorship. One person, or a group, forces all the people in an area to obey their rule. It often happens through war, in which the weak or the defeated parties are forced to submit.
This same theory of force applies with the Divine Right of Kings. It is claimed they had spiritual power that was given to them by God as sovereigns of state and granted them absolute power and authority over their subjects.
The final theory is the Divine Theory itself; God created the state, and gave certain people the right to govern lands and that has progressed steadily throughout history in what could only be described as fate.
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The Natural Theory- man's urge toward being part of the community.

The Force Theory- one person or group forced all people within an area to obey their rule. It happens through war, where the strong dominated the weak.

The Divine Theory- God created the state, and that He gave certain people the "divine right" to govern these lands.

The Divine Right of Kings Theory- spiritual power was given to certain as sovereigns of the state and thus absolute power of his subjects.

The Social Contract Theory- the state is essentially a contract between the leader and the people.
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1. Force Theory
2. Social Contract Theory
3. Evolutionary Theory
4. Divine Theory
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1. Divine Right Theory
2. Necessity or Force Theory
3. Paternalistic Theory
4. Social Contract Theory
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Theory of divine origin
of  force
of social contract
patriarchal theory
matriarchal theory
evolutionary theory

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