4 theory of origin of the states?


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There is actually said to be six theories of origin of the states, however four of these can be found below.

  • The Natural Theory
The natural theory is based on the idea that it is already in the human psyche to want some kind of order and rules in life. Therefore the natural theory believes that the origin of the states is down to a natural urge for governance and laws in order for society to progress.

  • The Divine Theory
The divine theory believes that when god created earth and all that is on it, he also selected certain people or types of person to govern the land. This theory has since been taken on by some religious sectors and results in them firmly believing that it is their right to be in charge and to have ownership of certain land or areas.

  • The Force Theory
The force theory is based on the belief that rulers of the states are decided on the force and strength of a person or group. The theory states that the strongest and most forceful will triumph and be in charge; a lot like how it works in the animal kingdom.

  • The Divine Right Of Kings Theory
The divine right of kings theory is based on the idea that the rulers of the land should be decided on family history and therefore any royals or members of the aristocracy will automatically gain more power than peasant families.

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