How to hide scars on legs? HELP.. I have a party tomorrow..


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I've heard instant fake tan hides scars, never tried it though. Apparently gradual tan doesn't hide scars but instant does
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I know how you feel my legs have a ton of scars all over  but you can't hide them I used to think they were ugly but after time I realized they were a part of me so I learned to be proud of them there me nothing I can do about it so instead of hiding them be proud of them and just except them as you
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Well, if you're wearing pants it shouldn't be so hard. But if you're wearing shorts or a skirt, you could wear fishnets (cool legging things). And if that isn't one of your best options, then you can try high socks of leg-warmers. (I have a collection myself if you need any.)
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I take nude eye shadow, slightly lighter than my skin color. I take a damp q-tip and run it over the scar. Then I cover the damp line of the scar with the nude eyeshadow. I've found that eyeshadow works better than foundation or face powder.
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You could try using makeup to hide the scars.
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Do u use such kind of make up.. If you do which one?
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Um, like
the colour of your skin. That should be good.
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Just like powder stuff

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