I need ideas on how to legally yet cleverly ruin an adult's birthday party. I wasn't invited and wouldn't attend if I was. So, I need to do it from afar or have someone help me. Thanks so much! :)


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Cookie Roma answered

What?  Unless you are 7 years old this sounds just nuts!!!

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Lard Ass answered

Why would you intentionally ruin someone's birthday? Are you jealous of this person? Or angry that you didn't get invited? If you don't like the person, then don't like them, but intentionally ruining their birthday is just vindictive.

Bubblicious Bubblicious Profile

Show up, that'll ruin it for sure!


Rusty Shackleford Profile

One thing  you could do - go to a dominos in person and order like 4 pizzas, pay for them, then give them the address of the party to deliver them to. 

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Didge Doo answered

If your personality is anything like your question, Amy, the surest way for you to ruin anybody's party would be just to attend.

Grow up, girl.

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hunter dude answered

How would you like it if someone ruined your birthday just because they didn't like you? No matter what that person did to you, this is an immature move.

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