What problems does public sector face when trying to achieve accountability?


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The public sector faces a lot of problems when they're trying to achieve accountability such as lack of cooperation, corruption, and lack of resources. This government sector has a lot to offer if only given the chance to be able to accomplish their duties and responsibilities. However, due to many problems, the public sector is taking quite a long time to achieve accountability.

  • What is the public sector responsible for that makes accountability so important?

This sector is often associated with public or government services. They are in charge of rendering public services to the citizens. They have their own budget which they can use to develop the whole community and providing assistance to the citizens in various forms such as giving free education in public schools, free consultation in health centers, and many more.

  • Setbacks that prevent accountability

As much as the public sector wants to achieve accountability, this is something they alone can't do. There are many problems that the sector encounters almost every day. One of them is the lack of cooperation from citizens. The government has provided people with laws to follow but people still break them. There are also those who don't support the programs of the government. They would often conduct rallies and influence others to go against the government.

Lack of resources is also another problem often encountered by the public sector. This is especially true with low-income communities. They don't have enough resources that will help them progress. This is why you can't blame them if they would conduct fundraising activities or look for sponsors and donors for their various projects.

Lastly, corruption is viewed as a major obstacle for the public sector to achieve accountability. Whether we like it or not, there are people in public service who are corrupt. They would use the funds of the community for their own benefit or conduct illegal businesses.

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