Are there way too many people who are duped into believing the political propaganda of the Main Stream Media?


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These days, the mainstream media has as much power as the government - if not more. The media basically represents the ideology of the establishment (the establishment being the bureaucrats, the government, the philanthropists and the ruling elite). The main stream media is able to represent some opinion, but is better able to create public opinion.

  • The media and parties

The mainstream media is a tool of the ruling parties, and the political elite. It represents what these parties stand for and will vigorously attack smaller parties that the larger parties may be threatened by. This is true in near enough every democracy in the world. Smaller parties hence struggle to reach any level of public support because of the main stream media. What this shows us is that the people who are involved with smaller parties, and those who are attacked by the mainstream media, are generally the people that recognize that the media does indeed lie.

  • Media bias can result in misinformation

People involved with the larger parties, and even those who aren't politically aware, will not usually recognize the lies that the media tells. They will instead go along with what the media says as truth, until eventually, some kind of societal issues arises that proves the media wrong. The only problem is that the media has grown so capable of hiding its tracks, that even when proven wrong, it can appear like it was correct all along. The media is a difficult machine for political parties to work against, and ultimately, you don't have to believe what I say. Everything like this is down to opinion, and you need to make up your own mind - but before you do, remember to consider the smaller parties as opposed to the larger political parties.

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