What is multi polar system?


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Multi-polarity, or a multi-polar political system, is a system in which more than two different countries have a great deal of influence and power over the rest of the world. It is a political system, not within a country, but throughout the entire planet. There are other types of "polar" political systems, too: The uni-polar and the bipolar political systems.

  • A uni-polar political system

A uni-polar political system is when a single country or state is the dominating power. The rest of the world is greatly influenced by this single power. For example, when the Roman Empire was at its strongest, we would certainly say that the world was experiencing a uni-polar political system.

  • A bipolar political system

A bipolar political system is when two countries have a dominating influence over the rest of the planet, and each has an element of control. Generally, the rest of the world falls into support of one of the dominating powers, although the powers do not necessarily have to be in conflict with one another.

There are lots of different opinions on the uni-polar, bipolar and multi-polar systems. Some commentators feel that the world is most politically stable under a uni-polar political system, because if a single power is in control, there is a degree of consistency and similarity throughout the world. Others feel that multi-polar systems are the most stable, because power is shared almost equally between a number of different powers, preventing a single power from holding a monopoly.

However, many commentators agree that bipolar political systems are the most turbulent, because even if the powers are friendly or alliances, there will always be an underlying element of tension and competition. Furthermore, the idea that other countries should ally with one or the other of the dominating powers can causes further global political instability.

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