What Is The National Dress Of India?


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India does not have a particular national dress that represents the whole country. As it is such a large country with many different regions and climates, the dress can vary from one area to another.  It can also vary depending on local religion and culture.

- Men
In India, the traditional style of dress for men is the dhoti or lungi. This is a long white sheet of cloth and men will wear a shirt or t-shirt over it. Kurta-pyjama and European and Western influenced trousers and shirts are also becoming more popular among men. On very formal occasions such as weddings, men may wear a Western-influenced three piece suit. They may also choose to wear a sherwani, which is a long, coat-like jacket that reaches down to just below the knees. It has a collar that stands up, known as a 'Nehru collar', and is fastened with buttons. The sherwani is worn with tighter fitting trousers called churidars.

- Women
The draped sari is generally considered to be one of the most popular forms of traditional Indian dress for women. They can be made out of a range of different fabrics, although silk saris still reign as the most elegant choice. The sari is usually worn over a blouse, by girls and women of all ages. Some women also wear stitched clothes such as the shalwar kameez, and other garments including the gaghra cholis (lehengas), sherwani, kurta, dupatta and churidar. The shalwar kameez consists of loose trousers (the shalwar) and a long loose top (the kameez). This is the style of dress seen worn by women in many Bollywood films.
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The saree is the national dress of India. A saree is a 6 yards of un-stitched cloth that is skillfully draped to impart elegance and grace. This is a traditional dress worn around the country in different styles in the different states of the country. There are other dresses also which fall under the category of traditional dresses of India. They include the Salwar Kameez and Lehenga Choli. There are different patterns of different regions. These patterns are the special patterns of these regions. Saree is the most beautiful traditional dress of the country draped in the most sophisticated manner. Areas like Maharashtra and some other parts have different styles of wearing sarees.
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The clothes are suitable for India's climate but nothing looks worse than a dumpy old Indian woman with a wet ,muddy saree under a shabby coat .
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All region of india their own national dress as a traditional.but common dress is Saree. 
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I think it is the sari
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Saree was the one so I think churidar is replaced it.

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