What is written below the national emblern of india http://akzmanagement.blogspot.com?


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India's national emblem is not on the website that you have mentioned; this is a site that contains blogs on a number of medical matters. However, the national emblem of India does have a motto written below it.

• The motto on the national emblem of India

The motto is a quote from Mundaka Upanishad and is the last part of the Hindu Vedas, which is sacred. Translated into English it means, Truth Alone Triumphs.

• India's national emblem

India's national emblem is comprised of four lions, although one of them is hidden, and they are symbolic of courage, pride, power and confidence. The lions are positioned on a spherical abacus, which is surrounded by four other, smaller animals. These are the guardians of all four directions: A lion for the north; a horse for the south; an elephant for the east and a bull for the west.

The original, which was carved from a single piece of sandstone, has the abacus sitting on a bloomed lotus that depicts creative inspiration and the fountain head of life, but the one that is the actual national emblem excludes the lotus.

This adaptation became India's national emblem in January 1950, on the anniversary of India becoming a republic. It can be seen depicted on all manner of things including Indian currency, Indian passports and is used as part of the Indian Government's official letterhead.

• History of the emblem

The emblem has been adapted from a sculpture that was placed on top of a pillar by Emperor Ashoka the Great to commemorate the place, where the Dharma was first taught by Gautama Buddha, and where the Buddhist Sangha originated from.

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