I need a welcome address for the paster anniversary?


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You will find an excellent example of a welcome address for the pastor anniversary at the following link hspmweb.org/address.html
Obviously you should not just simply take this address and use it as your own, but it should help show you what needs to be included and to put it all together.

  • Tips on welcome address
Any type of welcome address you will find follows a similar format. As it is a welcome address, then of course one of the very first things to do is to welcome your audience and any special or distinctive guests that may be present. This should be done in a warm way and as much eye contact with every audience member should try to be achieved.

If it is a very small audience then you could even go as far as thanking everyone for their attendance personally, however for a larger crowd this is obviously not appropriate.

  • Use appropriate quotes or music
It is always nice to refer to an inspiring quote near the start of your welcome. This should captivate your audience and also indicate to them that a lot of preparation has gone into your speech and it is not just coming from the top of your head. If you feel a certain song may help with your welcoming then you could include a short clip of the song and refer to its meaning in your speech.

  • Inform your audience of what's to come
A welcome address is also seen as an introduction and so it needs to also include what the rest of the ceremony is about and what they can expect to happen.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
If you are still struggling with your welcome address then it is advised to talk to your church leader. No doubt they would have conducted plenty in the past.

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