Im turning 13 soon and my mom wont let me have a paintball party or anything but a babyish one full of pink. I HATE PINK! What do i do?


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You could try a number of approaches in the hope that your mom will see your point of view and agree to come to a compromise, but the best thing to do is talk to her.

  • Don't shout, just talk!
This is the first approach to take. Do not just start randomly shouting that you don't want her silly pink party, ask her if you can talk to her and sit down and discuss it calmly. If you argue she will think you are ungrateful and will be far less likely to come round to your way of thinking.

  • What to say & how to say it?
First, suggest that you would like a paintball party but be prepared for her to say no. If she does, don't get angry; ask her why she feels you cant have this type of party. It may be that she has a perfectly acceptable reason such as it would cost too much or she feels it is too dangerous to take so many teenagers to. In this case be prepared to compromise with her and have a plan b that you can ask for.

Maybe you could ask for a sleepover and just get lots of friends over to your house with some DVDs, chocolate, popcorn, sweets, non alcoholic punch with wine glasses and some games.

  • If all else fails
It is possible that your mom may refuse any of your compromises, in this case you need to decide whether you would rather cancel the party all together (opting to go shopping with mates or something) or go ahead with the 'pink party' but make it cool.

Once in the teenage years people often feel pink is babyish as it can feel like they have been forced to wear pink when they were children, however, pink can be a really cool color when used in the right way.

Combining pink with black can make it instantly edgy and make it feel a lot more grown up. If your mum insists on the pink, why don't you take control of decorations and make black and pink paper chains etc and maybe ask your friends to follow a black and pink dress code.

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