Obama said that his stimulus plan would create up to 4 million jobs. Why, when he took office in Jan. 2009 was it 7.8% unemployment, but 9.2% unemployment, now?


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TV ads are saying that Unemployment has risen 104% since Obama has taken office amongst some other undesireable things have gone way up too. People should have looked at Illinois' economy before voting for Obama and seen the truth. Do you my friend at our age and seen the things we have that these people will ever learn. I'm kinda afraid to see the outcome of the Presidential election next year
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Joseph Michael Wasik
People were caught up by his godly appearance and rhetoric. He had those on the left and almost all of the blacks and dead people voting for him. It's amazing he didn't have 100% of chicago voting for him. There was one town that was influenced by Acorn that every citizen there, 100%,, plus more dead in that town, voted for Obama?
Joseph Michael Wasik
People have short memories and Obama a complicit media that don't inform of Socialist/Marxists
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Because The President's $787 billion Stimulus program has failed to produce long-lasting results and there has been no real economic growth.Government over-spending, bailing out GM and Chrysler, the enactment of health care and financial regulatory and reform bills have done nothing to aid economic recovery.Creating private sector jobs has been a fundamental failure and little more than generating unsustainable national debt has been achieved.Exports are down, banks are contracting lending,employers aren't hiring and consumer spending is at a historically weak level.The Stimulus lacked bold intiatives and a commitment to fiscal discipline and unemployment has been a key casualty.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
All that spending is strictly unconstitutional, but getting only winks and nods from both the Republicans and Democrats. What do you think?

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