On Day 938, Obama Says He'll Present a Jobs Plan. Is that too soon?


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Janey answered
No it's too late now for the "transformational President" - he's  been long on promises and short on action all the way through his tenure.Over-spending, over-borrowing and trying to buy your way to prosperity is not fiscal responsibility.His Marxist Socialist ideology of bigger and better government had the US at the edge of the abyss over the debt ceiling impasse and the loss of the Triple A.Obama has had all the administrative and economic tools at his disposal from day one and has failed epically.I can confidently predict were Michelle Bachmann to be elected to the WH, she would have a ready-made effective plan of action.
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Arthur Wright answered
I sure would say so that its too early for his second term but then a just a little too late for his first to do any good if it even works at all

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