Why does Obama Desperately blame the Republicans for their budget plans when he hasn't, as yet, presented his budget plans? Isn't the deadline less than a week away?


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Because Obama likes to blame the GOP for everything.His prime-time address to the nation on Monday was more like a DNC fundraiser than an Oval Office speech.He wants to blame the GOP to deflect attention on his own shortcomings regards his tenure and the debt ceiling crisis.The President does not intend to solve this impasse on bipartisan agreement.He just wants to make sure he gets credit if a deal is made and to avoid blame if it does not.As I've said before, it's all about standing up and taking responsibility.
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No one including him wants to take the blame for the first ever US default so like the little kids they are, blame everyone else instead of stepping up and taking charge of the situation once and for all, like a real President would

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