Why hasn't there been a Constitutionally mandated budget since Obama took office?


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Because since he took office, he has caused so much turmoil with trivial matters, the mandate was overlooked. But now, just after, candidates are throwing their hats in for next election, he has put on the front burner. And notifying the press, every step of the way. Making sure to place blame on every party, house member, senate member, state member, even cabinet members that a resolution has a coesive mandate has not been met. I would think that a better question could be, and forced upon the press, is: Why has the President not fulfilled any proposals made during his campaign? Even better would be: Why is the President blaming the shortfalls of his predictions on other elected officials?
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I think it's just a case of "if you never take a stand, you never have to take responsibility".Barack Obama has tried to portray himself seriously in times of economic crisis with scant regard for fiscal maturity.In 2006 he proposed a budget so unserious that his own entire party and the entire Senate disowned it 97-0.He came into power with the US facing massive debt and has managed to worsen the situation.He may "Talk the talk" as we say over here in the UK, but he doesn't seem brave enough to "Walk the walk".
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Joseph Michael Wasik
97-0. That means that Obama didn't even vote on his own legislation. We have the same quote here, also. Talking the talk and walking the walk. The one quote that comes to mind I learned in prison, "Bloom where you are planted." My prison years were good experiences; fun; enlightening; educational.
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