Why is Obama so insistent on taxing the heck out of us before he'll agree to the Republican budget in this shut down crisis, before August 2nd, while he sits on his hands not making any budget proposals at all?


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Confucius, wise man, he says: "Anyone who sits on hands will get frozen fingers and cannot perfom at typewriter for next 10 minutes..."
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What budget all they want to do is to raise the debt celing so how does that help get out of debt when it allows them to get us  deeper into it he won't agree beacuse that's the only thing they want to do he wants them to work with the democrats but being true republicans they refuse to even comprise so maybe they should give a little and he would agree to there policy
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Because he's more interested in political position and protecting his base than solving real problems.It's political spin to entice Yes votes on raising the debt ceiling, then when Obama's own proposal is put forward, it's a fait accompli and a last-gasp hero of the hour.Votes in the bag for next year's election.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Not sure if Obama will put a poposal on the table. Maybe hec should be on medication. What do you think?
Tony Newcastle
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Yes, maybe he should be on Medicare, but it's hard these days to get that in the Great States.
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It appears that hes trying to save his rich friends here as he needs their donations for next years re election campaign but in reality, thats like throwing good money after a loser but in our society, moneys speaks and buys a lot of things and he does have a certain style of lifestyle hes accustomed to now
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You need to move to another country so you can really gripe about taxes, and realize how lucky you are here.  What are you in, the 15% bracket?  You keep saying raise taxes.  It's not raising, it's just letting them go back to where they were.  Besides, it won't affect you at all!  Letting the taxes on the richest go back to where they were, not subsidizing the richest, closing loopholes and cutting spending are both needed.  If you defecated for a year without eating, would you live for a year?  Everything needs to be balanced.
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Confucius make wise comment that: "man who not eat any thing for whole year find very hard thing to defecate, but try anyways he can...."

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