Why is Obama diminishing the middle class by taxing the heck out of the jobs creators?


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The wealthiest are decimating the middle class.  There are no job creators.  Only when spending increases do jobs increase.  When people don't have anything to spend, no new jobs.
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Well I hate to tell you Obama is not doing any of the things in this question. What Obama is trying to do is raise the tax on the wealthy. At the moment the wealthy is paying less on their taxies than the middle/lower class. Now do you think that is fair? What he is imposing to do (which the republicans hate) is raise the taxes on the wealthy and lower it on the middle and lower classes. What the wealthy did is that they have made up this name "job creators" to get people off their back. But I ask you, HOW MANY JOBS HAVE THEY CREATED OR INTEND TO CREAT? I hate to say is the answer is very few, there only a small few that are "Job Creators".What is what happened is that Bush has drove to the ground by lowering the tax on the wealthy and raised it on the middle/lower classes. It its so unfair that he has to fix everything and as he do it the republicans are fighting every bill or idea that he imposes. The only way that republicans will approve all the things he imposes is the he must NOT do anything to wealthy, it must stay the same or get better.
The last thing I say for this post is a question to YOU AND YOU ONLY Joseph Michael Wasik. Is it fair that a multi millionaire pays LESS and gets better heath cover than is gardener who pays MORE for his heath cover and gets less?

By The Way: Watch the real news like MSNBC who are not owned by republicans.
Remember If you have money you can do anything even control the TV Stations and Radio Broadcasts.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Let me know how Obama is doing November 2012. Most people disagree with you, my friend. Sorry, I had to give you a NO on your rant
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Cj I hate to tell but all media is controlled by both DC partys, and Bush did what he could with what Clinton left him so its just a vicious circle but Obama has no idea what to do. Also has anyone figured out what is going to happen when the rich has no more money than the middle class does now
Joseph Michael Wasik
Sorry Arthur, but the middle class is dwindling, and the separation of the rich from the poor are much greater. When I speak of job creators, I mean mostly the rich. Haven't you noticed all the vacant stores and businesses that had gone out of business formerly owned by the middle class.
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The problem is now that DC is so afraid of him that they cant stop him and he knows hes headed down the crapper so to show us all hes going to do as much damage as he can, where he can  before he leaves and will take as much with him as can as sort of revenge for America turning on him
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Joseph Michael Wasik
When Obama leaves the WH, will he cart away a lot of the furnishings and who knows what else like the Clintons did?
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After Clintons there isnt much bleft to take and its amazes me that no one made Clintons return what they took. Isnt that a federal Offense to steal federal property and yet Clintons are living high off the American hog
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The Fed can't add a new health entitlement and not take money out of the middle class pocketbook.They aren't rich enough to soak and the poor pay little or no tax.The Dems hate those who invest and make money with their money.Wisdom is the power to see and the inclination to choose the best.I wonder where does Obama fall in this approach ?

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