Why is Obama using the term, "Tax Reform," instead of, "Tax Increases," when he's speaking of raising taxes?


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Because "Tax Reform" or "Tax Overhaul"  is music to the ears of the liberal progressives.It bears the hope of bipartisan compromise and grand bargains in which everyone wins.Liberals get a fairer tax code with more revenues for social programs and fewer giveaways to favoured industries.For them the book about the 1986 tax reform - Showdown at Gucci Gulch - is a national epic.Starting over with a clean-tax reformer bill is like the arrival of Aeneas in Latium.
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Same reason Republicans say "tax relief" for the wealthy instead of "subsidy"  By the way Joseph, you're repeating yourself again, again.
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And FYI i'm not extreme right-wing - it might help if you toddle down to your library and get a book and look up the definition of right-wing politics.There's a world of difference between NeoCon and Neo-Nazism-you're only showing your ignorance to those who do.
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Moscow! Where's that? Marxist. That's where I buy my underwear. How did you know that?
Left wing! You also know my favourite position on the footie field. Janey I'm getting slightly nervous. Are you following me? Could this be love?
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Don't flatter yourself - learn some politics before you play with the big girls.

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