When Obama wasn't getting his way about raising the debt ceiling from the Republicans, why did he threaten Senior Citizens to not send out their Socialial Security checks or the military checks, both of which was just not true?


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Janey answered
Because it's a tried and trusted trick employed by liberal Dems in their tussles with the GOP over reforming entitlement programs which mainly benefit senior citizens.Seniors vote more proportionately than any other voter demographic and will vote against anyone threatening these entitlements.It's also a clever way for Obama to blame the GOP for "forcing" him to do this for not caving in over the debt ceiling talks.
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Arthur Wright answered
There is absolutely nothing Obama wont stop at to get his childish ways and he has no scrupples or morals and doesnt care how or what he has to do to get it. I just pray that the American people as mad and disappointed as they are against Obama and DC, just don't jump on anybodys band wagon that wont be any different. The American people have the best chance ever now of taking back our country from these idiot leaders so hopefully they wont blow it this time

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