With the debt limit deadline date quickly coming up, Obama speaks of his budget plans, but has yet, to present his plans. The plans he speaks of don't exist and Congress cannot vote on his non-existent plans. If you think they exist, where are they?


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Watch for 11th hour theatrics as if he does this and DC has no choice but to pass it, he will sneak things thru that will surely destroy the backbone of America. Obama always has a plan and if the Republicans don't pass it then theyre the bad guys here and with an election year coming, every devious card will be played, forgetting what America truly needs
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I don't think they exist per se, I think Obama will adapt the plan offered by Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell.Whereby Congress gives up its power to raise the debt ceiling and effectively transfers that authority to the White House for the remainder of the incumbent's tenure.The plan is likely to be seen as unconstitutional, but with a bipartisan agreement ever-increasingly unlikely,some sort of leeway must be given in light of Obama's obvious lack of a concrete plan.Such a novelty might work in theory and the sheer outre of it could be acceptable to Congress.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
There's way too much winking and nodding in Congress about unconstitutional items. Suspect there will be a big change there Novermber 2012. A lot of people are engaged and energized on what the morons in Washington are up to.

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