Isn't it reasonable for Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann saying that President Barack Obama has moved too late and with too little force in response to Syria's bloody crackdown on dissent?


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We need to forget the rest of the world here and concentrate on America only and let the rest of the world take care of itself here. Sorry as this may seem harsh and cruel but if we sink here so does everyone else so we need to take care of business at home first and get back on our feet before playing big brother elsewhere as we just don't have the extra resources to worry about everyone elses problems when the US is in serious trouble too
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Of course Michelle is right, as it's further evidence of Obama leading America from behind.A case of too little too late regarding President Assad's regime crackdown on dissenting Syrians and his intent on making Syria a "nuclear-armed nation".A weak foreign policy that addresses key issues to complement Obama's weak domestic issues.America, like the other World powers, needs to sanction embargos and other measures against Syria - and to quote Michelle herself -  she's "the tough hombre-ette" to do it.

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