Obama is blaming the present economic chaos on the :"Arab Spring," and the, "Tsunami on Japan." What do you think?


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I think that contributes to things when the world is in chaos people do tend not to put money into investments but I think more than anything its the fact that u.s almost defaulted and no one knew what exactly would happen if we did so investors got really scared and backed off because the politics in this country are crap and people are not even able to agree on anything even if it was for the best of the country
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Arthur Wright answered
Its the easiest thing in the world to blame others when in all reality he should be man enough to step up to the plate and take full blmae and just maybe one or two more persons might just think more highly of him and say "well at least he was honest" but nope/ I just hope his kids are somewhat more impressed with him than the American people
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Joseph Michael Wasik
He seems to get along with those in his family. They, apparently, don't listen to his rhetoric and the opposite opinions of his former rhetoric.
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Janey answered
Thanks to a liberal media who have now elevated Obama to "walking on water" status,Obama the Reckless is now staging the start of his re-election - a campaign that should be called "Yes, we can blame XYZ or whoever, for the hopey-changey groupies two minute purge a la 1984.".Clearly the worst POTUS in history as he refuses to stand up and take responsibility.

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