In the midst of our second recession, why is Obama saying that the U.S. Is not in danger of a second recession?


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Because Obama is just proving that denial is not just a river in Egypt.Double digit inflation, dollar devaluation, housing markets a mess and an unemployment increase of 9000 for last week all prove otherwise.It's a Fantasy-Island attempt to hoodwink the electorate along with the 26% who approve him already living there.
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Arthur Wright answered
There is no way on earth will he eveer admit this as its his fault but no one in DC would ever admit this with elections coming up. That would definitely nail the top of the political suicide coffin of any Politician right now even if we are headed there. He has to remain positive even if his ship is sinking as thats what hes told to do
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Predictions of recession tend to be self-fulfilling prophecy. No sane politician will predict a recession.

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