Im starting to plan my 16th birthday, apparently they're suppose to be big but my friends are all doing dance parties and stuff like that, I would like something unique, not too expensive but fun for a lot of people! Suggestions?


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Betty Cheng answered
Sounds super exciting! Why don't you have a theme party... Like black and white, or any single color... And then decorate your location of the party into the right theme you would like, such as: 60's, 90's, the beach, nerds, animals, comic characters, beauty and the geeks (couples) and etc. Have plenty of fun teen games; plus, add a little innocent pinata or scavenger hunting teamwork type of games. It will be memorable. Have prizes given out to winners. The prizes can be cheap things like picture frames, candles, notebooks, planners, pens, candies, and or small gift wrapped items. Trust me, things like this are fun and all beneficial. And of course you have to have a little music and a dance floor maybe for 1-2 hours after all the great and exciting fun. Everyone will have a blast, I guarantee it. Good luck and I wish you the best on your birthday in the future. =)))

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