What Should I Do For My 16th Birthday? I Dont Want A Party, Just Something Simple With The Closest Friends And Something That Boys Can Do Too.


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When I was 16 I had all of my friends and family meet at a restaurant and we ate burgers because those were my favorite... We did cake and things there because it  was easier, and then we went to a bowling alley. The cool part about that is one of my friends got there early and put all of my favorite songs on the jukebox! It was awesome!
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I don't know who this person is, but I could only assume you'd be able to reach his reps from his official fan page. Official. Look it up on Google, send the an e-mail, and hope.  I personally think it's a little crazy, for my sweet 16 (2 years ago) we went to hacianda, movies, the bookstore and shopping.  Don't spoil the kid too much. She might end up the worse for it in college. But you can completely ignore that if you'd like. Lol ol

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