Where Could I Have My 13th Birthday Party At With Boys And Girls Invited?


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A house party or park would be two of the best options. My advice, pick one of the house or park, with the food buy half and make half, entertainment; just go for simple but fun games with a fresh new view on them, I don't suggest a theme as they are much for younger and older older parties such as "fairies" and "70's", save that amount of fun for those ages. Music should be in the background and ask around your friends before the party about what songs they like, and combine them with the ones you like for a great mix. And finally go for a fine day, as you don't want your guests saying it is too hot or too cold.And for party bags chuck in lollies, pics of the party, a couple of chocolates, and if you can a copy of the CD you used is a great idea too if you can afford it :). If you do decide to buy some of the food I suggest: A couple of pizzas, 4 bags of chips, KFC or red rooster, sausage rolls, party pies and chips are simple & cheap options. Thx

naarah xx
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A house party would be a lot of fun, but if you really want to go out somewhere for it then I liked what Mr. Anonymous said, the skating rink. There are probably a lot of places in your city that will host birthday parties. Here are more ideas:
Bowling alley, restaurant, skating rink, stadium, mini-golf place, daycare, or even at a store you could play hide and seek in a big store like walmart, target, kroger...that would be a lot of fun...GL =)
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You could go to the ice skating rink, IT'Z, or Movie Tavern. But if you can't spend much then you could get pizza, have snacks and soda out. I'm having my 13th in 2 weeks and I have no clue what to do and I want to go somewhere, I might go to the Movie Tavern, but it all depends on whats out.

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Having a house party will be much more meaningful~~~wish you happy.

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My best friend is having her party this sunday! And she is turning 13! She has rented a rolar skating rink (the entire place) and 30 dudes and 30 chicas r going!
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I think having a house party would be great fun because then you could invite boys and girls. You could order pizza's and have fancy dress :-) x

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