Where can i register for ijmb program in nigeria?


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There are many universities and colleges you could study the IJMB in Nigeria such as the University of Llorin. You could also talk to any students currently at university and ask them where they registered and completed their program of study in Nigeria.

• If you want to find out whether the colleges in your local area offer an IJMB program, you could always just contact them directly. If they do offer it they will be able to give you details such as when the next intake for the program will be. On the other hand, if they do not run the program they can give you details of a center that does.

• Also known as the Interim Joint Matriculation Board, this program is equivalent to an A Level qualification studied in the UK and is used to help students gain entry to university in Nigeria.

• The course of study the student wishes to undertake at university will determine how many points he or she will need to get in the IJMB examinations in order to get a place at their preferred university.

• The length of time needed to complete the program will also depend on where you study it. For example, in some centers it is a two year course while in others it can be completed within nine months.

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