Will there be a debt deal after all?


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If history repeats itself, Dc will come up with some stupid idea to temporarily stall a pending disaster and try to get it thru next years election and then go at it again. Most of this is Political drama involving little kids who are trying to make this an advantage for theirselves and team for next years elections. It really is too bad these morons really don't get it, and realize the American people are so tired of their little kid actions but hopefully these people will remember all this next November. For what they are doing would have gotten any one of us fired from our jobs in the real world. Wish we could just fire them all and the money we would save shutting down DC would solve the debt issue. So yes theyll come up with some dumb temporary plan for now soon
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Yes I think there will be a last-gasp compromise from Obama's administsration to resolve the debt ceiling crisis.It's a political spin from the Dems to hold off for as long as possible and then project Obama as the "saviour of the hour" with a proposal that is acceptable to both parties, solves the crisis and gets the country back on track.It's part of the President's long-game plan to strengthen his incumbency, reinforce his electorate and sway potential new voters for 2012.
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Yes., specially when there is an interest.^^

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