Why have so many joined the political right which are now the majority in the mainstream while the number of those now considering themselves as Liberals are so far out of the mainstream of the aware and engaged?


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Does a flock of sheep explain this as sheep follow anything and are very easily led astray
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Joseph Michael Wasik
You only have to feel sorry for those falling behind in their awareness because of their Socialist indoctrinations and closed minds.

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It's because the American people have woken up to the socialist propaganda that has plagued the nation since time immemorial.They're tired of realising that the likes of sports arenas and community centres, labelled as "free enterprise" that in reality they paid through taxes that could have been otherwise spent.They're tired of losing out on services and programs that could have come their way, instead of having their money spent for them by politicians, bureaucrats and the politically privileged.They're tired of responding to DC with pleas of  "Tax us more.Take more of our earnings and savings.We are here to serve you".

From each according to ability, to each according to need.A classic socialist tenet and the reason for the economic failings of Eastern Europe and Soviet Russia since the turn of the century.These same principles of political stealing are thankfully being rejected as people come to their senses, shake of socialist indoctrinations and embrace that which is true and good.

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