How Can I Get Over The Death Of Mother?


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Pat Ales answered
I agree YOU never get over the loss of your mother. You obviously were very close to her and loved her a great deal. You lost not only your mother but probably your best friend too...If it helps you can put a nice picture of her in your room, maybe light a candle in front of it as a memorial. Talk to her if you want.. IN spirit she is still with you  Believe that she can hear you.. She's like a guardian angel looking over you now..... All the wonderful memories you have, all the nice times you spent together, and all the love you shared is still deep in your heart. Now take all she has given you and make her proud. Show her your strength to carry on in your life and make a future for yourself that you know she would be proud of. It hurts right now, but hold your head up and do your best in life.....Give her many reasons to brag to the other angels " that;s my baby"..
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I'm sooo sorry for the loss. But I don't think any one ever gets over the death of a mother. Time comes to past, and time helps to heal. But to get over. I don't think so. I think you can tell yourself, that the things in life that don't kill you, will only make you stronger.  And hang on to all the best memories. Because they will help carry your streanths in life now. For her child. While she can't be here to help do it... I truly, truly wish you all the best.  Melodyblue
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I'm sorry for your loss but there isn't anyway to get over a death exspeicaly a mother you can get a counsleor it gets easier after time but you never forget or complety get over it.

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