Why are some blacks starting to wonder out loud if blind support for the president is going against their own interests?


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'Blacks' - do you mean black and ethnic minority persons - in the UK you'd be picked up on this description "blacks". And equalities are well documented in legislation in the UK. On what research basis do you support your question - or is it just personal opinion, and maybe you have sone statistical data?
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It's because they, like the rest of America, are waking up to the fact that Obama is a tool of the liberal elite, of which none of his policies have benefitted the average American.Spending his way to oblivion with high unemployment, inflation and housing foreclosures is not the way to go.They have realised Obama wants everyone on welfare, jobless and poor so they can't rise up against the ruling Marxist elite.The rich get richer while the poor get poorer - even Obama's most fervent fans now accept this tenet.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
I think the latest figure for black unemployment is 16.5% or somewhere around that. Much higher than the quoted 9.1% of the American labor force

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