After The Riots In The UK Why Did Prime Minister Cameron Declare That Britain Faces A Battle To Find Its Moral Compass? (The Four Days Of Rioting Left Five People Dead, Thousands Facing Charges Of Violence And Theft, And Caused £200+ Million Of Property Damage.) 


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Prime Minister David Cameron made these remarks following the English riots of 2011. The comments suggest that the Prime Minister is blaming the mass rioting and looting on his perceived decline of morality in Britain's society.

The riots were unprecedented in recent times, and started due to the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham by the police on the 7th August 2011.

Duggan was shot while police were attempting to arrest him on suspicion of planning an attack, and it has been stated that Duggan was carrying a handgun.

After Duggan's death, people from Tottenham's black community (Duggan was also black) held a peaceful demonstration against the police, during which the police were alleged to have assaulted a 16 year old girl - which led to the demonstration turning violent. This violence then extended into Hackney, Brixton, Chingford, Peckham, Enfield, Croydon, Ealing and East Ham. Whilst Duggan's shooting may have started the initial riot, several other causes resulted in its spread around London and other major cities in England.

In these comments, David Cameron blames the riots on a lack of morality in society, which he believes needs to be addressed. However, it has since been suggested that a larger array of factors contributed to the riots rather than just a loss of morality.

Issues that were considered to be potential factors in the riots:
  • Minority communities' poor relations with the police
  • Social exclusion
  • Family breakdown
  • Austerity measures
  • Unemployment
  • Gang culture
  • Criminal opportunism
  • The failure of the penal system.
David Cameron and his government seem determined to blame the riots on moral issues, with home secretary Theresa May saying, "Everybody, no matter what their background or circumstances, has the freedom to choose between right and wrong." However, I do not believe that widespread lawlessness on this scale can be subject to just one rather ill-defined cause.
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Because the Prime Minister and his Cabinet are facing an uphill battle to plan and implement feasible policies that will redress society's laziness,irresponsibility and selfishness that has allowed British society to self-destruct since the "bad old days of 1981".Self-destruction that has wreaked havoc, death and damages to property that will surpass the initial estimates of £200 million.It took a generation to resolve the fallout from the riots of Brixton and Toxteth who ironically rebelled against a Conservative government back then.The only difference this time, is we have a PM moving ever-leftwards towards Socialist/Liberal leanings.

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