Why did the recent riots start in the uk?


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It kicked off in Tottenham in London after police shot a black man they were trying to arrest after stopping the taxi he was travelling in.A group of people gathered to protest and after a flashpoint incident, the protest deteriorated into fighting, looting and setting shops and cars on fire and altercations with the police.It's basically a repeat of Brixton 1981,with the violent protests against the government and the recession.
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People wanted to steal stuff they could not afford .as the news reported they were only breaking into shops for things they would normally buy.in other words they were using the incident to steal,damage property,maybe even take vengeance on a business that did not treat them right the day/week before. : ). The odd thing is they say they can't work,are on government assistance for things they need becasue of being physically unable to work ,while they turn around and loot businesses. Sounds like the ones caught doing this should have their aid cut off and put into forced labor fixing what they tore up. : ). Then they will have a job. Hahahahahaha. Or the ones looting to buy drugs should have their aid cut off permanently if found to be using their aid for the wrong things.this is what happens when you raise a generation of slackers. Their is work out there it may not be the work they want to do ,but it is out there.just some of my opinon. And I am unanimous in that. : ). Or as the old saying goes there are a million excuses not to work.
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That's true. : ). I hope they catch them all. : ). We just had some clowns over here throwing frozen water balloons at car windshields as the drivers drove down the highway..thinking it was fun. Now if they are caught they will be tried for a felony.
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A lot of the rioters were middle class John & who had jobs.One was even an Olympic athlete from a privileged background,
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Janey- that is true ,but as you pointed out not all were.most were a flash "mob".there just to cause trouble/or shall we say there to cause a riot for cover of their thefts and maybe many other types of crimes commited during the real public display of concern.just saying what it looke dlike and what it was were two seperate events made ot look as one. : ) just explaining what other saw such as the police and business owners caught in the middle.

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