Why Did The Battle Of Cowpens Start In South Carolina?


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The Battle of Cowpens-January 17, 1781, took part in the later part of the American Revolution. After the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, the British had moved south for several reasons, primarily to assist Southern Loyalists (southern colonial population remaining loyal to the Crown. also referred to as Tories). They captured Savannah and then Charleston and Camden in South Carolina. They also captured much of the southern continental army.

In the backcountry of South Carolina there was a civil war among the colonial population. They split between Patriots and Loyalists. The battle of Cowpens was a result of conflict between the armies Tarleton's and Morgan's. Morgan was sent to the south by General George Washington. Morgan's army was located by Tarleton's army on the Pacolet River. On the 16th of Jan 1781, as Tarleton's army grew closer, Morgan decided to make a stand at the Cowpens, a well-known crossroads and border pasturing ground in South Carolina, where the battle finally begun on the 17th Jan 1781.

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