Were There Any Survivors Of The Battle Of The Little Bighorn?


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Yes there were survivors of the 'Battle of the Little Longhorn' and when you take the data of exact casualties that has occurred because of the war, we can say that it gives us the figure that is described in the next paragraph.

The statistics fro the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, Arapaho side was following: Killings-one hundred and thirty-eight and the figure for the wounded was one hundred and sixty-eight.

If we take the figure from the United States side, the number of killings was two hundred and sixty-eight. Out of which sixteen were officers and two hundred and forty-two were troopers. There were ten civilian deaths also. The figure of the wounded in the battle was fifty-five.

The battle was considered as a remarkable in the history because in it, the Americans were defeated.

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