With Obama losing in the polling of New Jersey, the bluest of blue states, can you tell me which state Obama is gaining any ground?


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According to the latest polls, he's on a downturn nationwide, with 52% of the electorate expressing disapproval.His net approval is -8 spread which is a lot worse than even Presidential hopefuls Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin.There are bound to be enclaves across the US where he's gaining ground, but the figures are a microcosm for his popularity right now.
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WRONG AGAIN, WASIKO.  New Jersey came in 15th in percentage of votes for Obama, not #1.
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Puerto Rico, maybe
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Im not so sure as we help out Puerto Rico and DC says we have 51 states so Im not so sure anymore so PR may be his only friendly state now but could bring boatloads over and hurry and neutralize them soon
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I own a construction company. I hire some day laborers from time to time. They tell me the Latino news says vote for Obama so that is what they do. No questions asked!
Joseph Michael Wasik
Wow! Marching to the drummer

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