You Heard That Gaddafi Was Killed & Died?


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Janey answered
Yep he was shot dead by Libyan resistance fighters in his hometown of Sirte earlier today.
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Karen answered
The whole world has heard!!! The Rebels did it "homestyle." It was a Sad day for the World. No person should be executed in that manner; but, those hooligans are well acquainted with acting in a barbarian way and dragging their victims to death. That's a civilzed place, eh???
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Arthur Wright answered
Yep but how he died exactly or I should say who actually shot him is still a mystery as they did capture him alive by all accounts and should have been held for a world court to decide his fate but this is what happens with an uncontrollable mob. After all just how bad could be when the uS almost allowed him to move to NYC a couple years back?

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