Why are Republicans labeled as racists by those on the left when they disagree with Obama's policies, but don't want to be labeled as racists when they denegrate and assassinate Herman Cain's character?


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It's because the Dims will try anything to put the GOP in a negative light, especially now the party campaigns are starting to crank up.All the good guys are Republicans and none of them are racist-  never have been and never will.From Lincoln all the way through ( Clinton excepted for being impeached ) to GWB and that's what the Dims can't get their heads around - they'll always be on the losing team.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
It must've worked, because the Democrats were in power for a lot of decades. Not only that, but the Republicans thought and still think that they are adamant that they can win more elections by drifting left. For this reason, they like to be called Conservative, but dislike Conservatives. These types had co-opted the Republican Party and will not support Conservatives

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