The HOA of Doylestown Station, Doylestown PA. Won't allow colored or blinking christmas lights. What could possibly be wrong with showing festivity at Christmas time? Forced to use all white lights. Aren't red and green traditional?


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I think that's taking the Ebenezer Scrooge Bah Humbug ! Impersonation a bit too far.Christmas is all about spectacle and decorations (amongst others) and with white lights available for the rest of the year, the coloured or blinking lights should be allowed.It's Political Correctness gone mad and just another example of killjoys trying to demean or erase Christmas completely.Here in England there's already been a row about a kindergarten refusing to put on the Nativity Play as parents of other religions complained that celebratin Christmas demeaned their own beliefs.Christmas is a Christian celebration and as such should be celebrated with al the fervour,happiness and community spirit that the holiday season demands.
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Lynne Dwyer
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I can't fathom the reasoning behind it. I would never live somewhere that.
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Agreed Lynne as the sights of Christmas is just as important as the smells ; like the first snowfall, a log fire or mince pies.

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