Would The Second World War Have Happened Without Hitler?


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No one can really answer this question with certainty, however, it is accepted that Hitler was not the only reason for the Second World War.
The origins of the Second World War go back as far as the end of the First World War. In 1919 the Versailles Treaty was agreed, which made Germany pay heavily for the War, forbade her from carrying arms and even annexed Schleswig-Holstein from the German nation.
Germany felt completely humiliated by the severe punishment the Allies handed out and this led to resentment. Financially Germany was crippled by the Treaty and this resulted in a virtual collapse of the economy. Inflation became so bad that people literally had nothing and they had no hope for the future. Hitler seized on this and whipped up pride in Germany and focussed hatred on 'other Groups' such as Jews.
Facism was also on the rise in Italy and Spain during this time and the sad truth is that if Hitler had not existed, some kind of extremist leader would probably have seized power in Germany and this would eventually have led to some conflict with other nations.
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Hitler didn't provide any of the financial arrangements, he did provide the 'collection' of henchmen and perverts to take the movement to street level. Racial and national pride would have attracted the backing from within Germany and from outside their borders. Look at the number of promenient Americans caught up with the thoughts of racial purity and rightful domianance starting from 1900 into the 1920's & 1930's.
The fear/blaming of groups and types of people, for your perceived personal problems and denying your right to a good life, is easily expressed as raw hatred. Demean that person and the mob with fill in behind you to "kill"!
With Stalin's leadership of the Communist Doctrines press unto the World...someone would have been pushed forward to stir the hate! World War II didn't just flare up in Europe, it also had fermentation in the Pacfic Rim.

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