With Reference To Pressure Groups, What Is Corporatism?


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Corporatism is when major pressure groups work closely with the government in the hope of achieving goals. This was a feature of successive British governments during the 60s and 70s with the TUC and CBI. This was known as tripartism. The term corporatism id dated from 1961 when the National Economic Development Council (NEDC) was set up. It involved a forum of civil servants, employers and trade unions to consider ways of economic growth. The 60s and 70s area saw slow political growth and the British government therefore sought a corporatist solution.

Corporatism failed because parliament was being bypassed while decisions were made between pressure group officials and ministers. It did not work because the system was elitist. Only some groups were sometimes invited and many of them were often poor in make up, resources and expertise. There were also assessors who said that corporatism stifled free market and it weakened the unions.

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