What Techniques Are Used By Pressure Groups In Gaining Attention?


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Pressure groups adopt a number of tactics to drum up support, a large amount of which involve the media. Many pay for adverts in newspapers to support their cause and to bring donations and new members. But only groups with large funds can afford this expensive technique. Some groups produce mailshots which are posted to the public whilst others carry out publicity stunts such as marches, demonstrations and even, at times, violence. The most recent example of good publicity stunts are those carried out by the Father's 4 Justice group. Most of these involved men dressing up as batman or Fr Christmas, perhaps, and breaching security to appear outside significant buildings, such as on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Direct action is considered as extra-parliamentary activity because it happens outside the formal political process. Although most stunts are unsuccessful, such as the mass march on parliament against the war in Iraq, some may influence government policy in some form.

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