What Steps Should Be Taken By The Government Of Pakistan For The Development Of Small Industries?


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The government has set out different principle for the development of small industries. For adapting small industries change technological, economic and social conditions in Pakistan. Stimulate production in small industries equipment are required for agriculture. Encourage the processing of local raw material. To create additional employment opportunities government must develop small industries. In 1972, with the dissolution of one unit, the existing corporation was also dissolved.

A separate corporation for each province was set up to perform a number of functions. These include preparation of development plan, establishment of service centers for cottage and small industries, establishment of design centers, import of raw materials, sanctioning, funds for balancing and modermi8zation of units and to set up industries in less development areas with the approval for government. The corporations have set up a large number of estate in important cities and towns of the country. These estates provide a package of facilities to the investors. Development plots are given to the investors to set up industrial unit.

Design centers have been set up in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar to introduce new designs and to improve the existing designs are distributed among the artisans for commercial production. For the development of cottage number of guidance centers have been set up throughout the country. These include metal, plastic and wood centers, textile training centers and ceramic centers.
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The steps that must be taken by the government of Pakistan for the development of Pakistan are:

1 They can encourage the small scale industries by reducing the purchase of foreign goods and be buying locally made goods by those small industries.

2 By giving them loans and credit facilities.

3 By reducing tariff for them.

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