What Were The Effects Of The Crusades In India?


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The Crusades were the holy-wars between the Muslims and the Christians on a conflict regarding holy places of Jerusalem and nearby areas. The crusade war was initiated by Pope Urban II, when he summoned all Christians to gather against the Muslims when the Muslims were reaching at their peak and had gained victories in the areas near their empire.This triggered tensions among the Muslims and the Christians. About six wars were fought among the two communities.These sequences of wars continued till 1229.The war continued in Jerusalem and areas nearby but India had to face the indirect consequences.On a pretext to wage war against the infidels ,many Muslim neighbouring rulers attacked the Indian land.Namely Muhammed Ghouri ,who defeated the Rajputs in 1195-96. Then in his absence ,Indian affairs were look after by Qutubuddin Aibek, a slave of Sultan M. Ghouri. He laid the foundation of Dehli-sultanate.But even after the foundation of a Muslim empire , the invasion continued by the Mongols, descendents of Central Asia, who were also inspire by wealth India was known for.The invasion that India had to suffer was in 1398 ,when Amir Temur attacked India and took all booty along with precious treasures away with him. India remained in that effect for a long period of time.

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