1. Many Immigrants Who Came To The United States Expected To Find Streets Paved With Gold And Easy Opportunities To Make Their Fortunes. What Were They Were More Likely To Find?


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That's lie. Only an American or a child can think like that. Immigrants are looking for a higher standard of living, stable currency and jobs. America has such opportunities, unlike some other countries. It was for these reasons that I moved to America, I found a job, I took the form ar-11 and after a while I received citizenship. In the US, there are also disadvantages, but I perfectly understand where I came to spend the rest of my life.

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Hardship and having to struggle to make ends meet. Years ago we didn't have food banks and tempary aid programs nor food stamps when people lost their jobs. Jobs were harder to come by then till we had bigger grocery stores, mills and meat plants.Did they years ago have a unemplyment office? People heard about the gold rush and a easy get rich plan only to have taken their family across the county in wagons to come back with nothing plus people were ruthless(greedy) over their claims to the point were they would kill someone just for their gold,land or money.

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